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"Americana Motel"
An exciting collection of songs by top Americana Artists,
doing new versions of each other's songs, and sitting in on each other's sessions.
Featuring Last Train Home, Mike Auldridge, John Starling, Kevin Johnson,
The Grandsons, Bill Kirchen, Ruthie & the Wranglers and many more!
This unique project is a great overview of the americana, alt-country,
no depression, roots rock, whatever-you-call it scene today.
We just call it good music.

Track Listing, showing artist and title (songwriter in parenthesis)

1) Last Train Home - Been Awhile (Joe Triplett, Rosslyn Mountain Boys)
) Starling, Auldridge & Gaudreau - My Sally (Eric Brace, Last Train Home)
3) The Fieldhands (Alan MacEwen, Jack O'Dell & Moe Nelson) - Field Hand Man (The Delmore Brothers)
4) Jumpin' Jupiter - Buddy Love (Kevin Johnson)
5) Karl Straub (of the Graverobbers) - Blue Train (Kevin Johnson)
6) Little Pink - Cathode Ray Blue (Karl Straub)
7) Kevin Johnson & the Linemen - Carolina (Karl Straub)
8) Graverobbers - It Wouldn't Be Easy (Scott McKnight)
9) Tom Clifford - Day Go By (Evan Johns & Joe Sasfy)
10) Hula Monsters - Things I'm Not (Scott McKnight)
11) The Grandsons - Real Real (Nina Simone)
12) Ruthie & the Wranglers - Why Must You Leave Me? (Vernon Taylor)
13) The Kennedys - Tell Me How (Buddy Holly)
14) The Del Swarthmores (featuring Scott McKnight) - Love on the Rebound (Randy Austin)
15) Bill & Louise Kirchen - I'll Never Be Free (Benjamin/Weiss)
16) Lisa Moscatiello - In the Middle of Nowhere (Beatrice Verdi & Buddy Kaye)
17) The Rhodes Tavern Troubadours - Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye (J.D. Loudermilk)
18) Americana Motel - Don't Take Advice (Karl Straub)

Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Peter Fox
A Bay Gumbo Music Release

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